Statistical Analysis Tools by MarketSight

Statistical Analysis Tools are required for a thorough and scientifically valid analysis of survey results. There are several choices available for the researcher to choose from – ranging from the simple tools available with all survey packages that calculate percentages and totals – to the very advanced tools requiring a graduate education to learn and use.

For most people, the features available in MarketSight offer the most compelling value for analyzing survey data. Based on our in-depth usability research and the collective experience of thousands of users of our products, we’ve created an intuitive and powerful set of automatic statistical analysis features that are very easy to learn and use. MarketSight output is also widely recognized for being much easier to interpret than that of legacy statistics applications.

Statistical Significance in MarketSight

Common Questions about MarketSight’s Statistical Analysis Tools

What is statistical significance and how does that relate to statistical analysis?

Statistical significance describes the situation whereby the data are not the results of pure chance. Statistically significant results reveal a connection between two different variables. Statistical significance is determined by running statistical tests using statistical analysis tools.

I have no training in statistics at all. Is MarketSight an appropriate solution for me?

Yes. Whether or not you have formal training in statistical analysis, MarketSight is an ideal solution for analyzing survey data. MarketSight has powerful technology that automatically applies the correct statistical test based on the type of data in your survey.

When using MarketSight, will I need to know which statistical test to run in each situation?

Unlike most other statistical analysis tools, MarketSight does not require the user to decide on the appropriate statistical test to be run. Our advanced technology will make the correct choice depending on the data and how you choose to look at your data.

How many statistical tests are there and how many does MarketSight use?

There many tests available for different situations. MarketSight uses about 10 of the most widely accepted tests in use today by market researchers.

How easy is it to understand and interpret the results of statistical tests in MarketSight?

It’s quite easy to understand the results and certainly much easier to read than tradition statistical tools.

I am comfortable using SPSS for statistical analysis but I don’t want to pay for all the features that I don’t use. Is MarketSight appropriate for me?

Absolutely. MarketSight is used by many of the top research firms and corporate market research teams around the world. Professional market researchers use MarketSight because it has just the right feature set required to analyze market research data without all the unnecessary features that often go unused in expensive desktop tools. Our users benefit from a highly intuitive interface and a powerful statistical processing engine that produces scientifically valid results that can be shared easily with colleagues and clients in a secure online platform. Plus, expensive training courses are virtually eliminated because of MarketSight’s comprehensive online training videos built right into the product and included in your subscription.

I’m a seasoned analyst and I make extensive use of the statistics features in SPSS. Why do I need MarketSight?

MarketSight is much more than a statistical analysis tool. It has very broad capabilities that appeal to many expert analysts including the following: very flexible crosstab design and export to excel and PDF, advanced charting capabilities that allow storage end export to multiple PowerPoint templates for the creation of client-ready presentations; online distribution of crosstabs, data tables, charts, and related files via our secure online platform, and many other features that enable integration of MarketSight with your current survey design, data collection, and reporting platforms. See these additional pages to learn more about all of MarketSight’s many features.

Is there a way to automatically run statistics so I don’t have to think about it every time I look at my data?

Yes. Most settings you can control for a particular item in MarketSight, there’s a global default t setting that will be used when creating new MarketSight items. Statistics settings can be controlled in this way

Can I turn off stat testing in MarketSight?

Yes. A simple checkbox enables you to turn stat testing on and off.

I have some experience with statistics, and I may want to control things like confidence level, handling of Type I Errors, and sample size minimums, is there a way to do that in MarketSight?

Yes, these settings are completely configurable – per crosstab or as defaults for all crosstabs.

We often use two simultaneous confidence levels for our stat tests. Is that possible with MarketSight?

It is. It’s very easy to choose a second confidence level and the results are easy to interpret. Upper-case letters denote significance at the higher level; lower case letters at the lower level.