Statistical Significance

The Importance of Statistical Significance in Analyzing Survey Data
You've spent a great deal of time and money crafting your survey questions and collecting responses from your target market, and now you need to understand what those responses are really telling you. Data analysis is the critical next step in the process. Without careful analysis, the conclusions you draw from your survey results could be off the mark, or worst case, just plain wrong. Frequently, what looks like a major finding isn't, and what looks insignificant turns out to be a major opportunity.

How can you tell the difference?
The key to identifying meaningful findings is statistical significance, made easier than ever with MarketSight - online software for analyzing and reporting survey results.

For years, professional market researchers have had access to expensive and complicated software programs that require many hours of training and a great deal of statistical expertise to use effectively. Using these tools, trained researchers were able to use tests of statistical significance to help them identify the most important findings in a given survey.

MarketSight Crosstab Showing Statistical Significance

Statistical Significance

Now you can get access to the same exact capabilities with MarketSight, all in a much more intuitive and much more cost-effective solution. With our industry-leading web-based software, you can run the same stat tests and find the same key insights as the trained professionals. And it's all completely automatic - you don't have to do a thing to configure and run the appropriate statistical significance tests unless you want to, in which case the options are clearly laid out and highly configurable.

The fact is, many of our customers are the major market research firms who no longer see the need to over-pay or over-complicate the process of understanding their survey results. MarketSight is easy-to-use, yet powerful enough for the top research firms and research departments at leading companies around the world.

Why do so many people choose MarketSight over traditional tools such as SPSS?

  • Ease of use in accurately and quickly identifying the most important findings from a survey
  • Cost-effective pricing that provides significant savings over traditional tools
  • Ability to share findings instantly on the web or by exporting to Excel or PowerPoint

You've asked the right questions in your survey and you've collected responses from the right audience. Now make the right decisions by finding the most important and meaningful insights from your data.