Survey Analysis Software by MarketSight

With the many tools available today to design and field surveys online, it’s relatively easy to find a tool that works well for your needs. Lacking in most of these tools, however, are the robust analytical features available in more specialized survey analysis software. In many cases, users are happy with the survey design features, but disappointed with the data analysis and reporting features.

MarketSight Crosstab Results

Survey Analysis Software

MarketSight’s survey analysis software is one of the best ways to address that need. It doesn’t do survey design or data collection, but rather, it focuses purely on analysis of survey data, giving users the ability to create crosstabs, run statistical tests, create and export charts, and much more – all the best features of the expensive desktop data analysis packages – at a fraction of the price and all delivered conveniently online. MarketSight is the perfect complement to survey tools such as SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang, Confirmit, QuestionPro, SurveyPro, Checkbox, WorldApp, Vovici, and many others.

What features does MarketSight have that most survey tools lack?
Analyzing your results requires survey analysis software that enables users to run crosstabs, perform statistical tests, create charts, and export all of those results to PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF files. MarketSight does all of that and much more. Not only can MarketSight users export their work to popular Office documents, they can also share all of their results with clients and colleagues online in MarketSight’s secure, online, portal, called Key Findings™.

Can MarketSight enable me to analyze data from any survey tool?
MarketSight can analyze any survey dataset, from any survey tool. Simply export your data to Excel, SPSS, SAS, Triple-S, or SurveyMonkey format, and then upload the file to MarketSight. Then get started analyzing the data using MarketSight’s very easy-to-use tools for creating crosstabs, charts, and reports.

Is MarketSight hard to learn?
MarketSight is widely recognized as one of the most intuitive survey data analysis tools available. It is very easy to learn use. While traditional survey analysis software is often cryptic and usually requires days of training to learn, MarketSight was designed to be very easy to use right away. MarketSight requires minimal training, which is all provided right in the software itself, with a comprehensive video training system to allow users to learn what they need, when they need it.

Is MarketSight suitable for serious market researchers and non-researchers alike?
Yes, MarketSight has all the powerful features that trained Market Researchers require to analyze survey data effectively, including the design of complex crosstabs, new variable creation, powerful statistical testing capabilities, and export to multiple custom PowerPoint templates.

Yet, MarketSight is also easy enough to use that a person with no training in statistics can take advantage of the same features as a trained statistician because MarketSight can automate many of the processes and decisions that traditional tools require users to do by hand. It’s really quite powerful in the hands of both highly trained market research professionals and smart business people who need to analyze survey data, but have no formal training in the market research field.