Encinitas, CA -- (October 3, 2012)

MetaFacts Selects MarketSight's Survey Analysis Software to Provide Clients with Greater Insights into Technology User Profile Findings

Partnership between MetaFacts and MarketSight provides clients in technology and consumer electronics fields with an easy-to-use solution to streamline the analysis process and highlight statistically significant findings in MetaFacts Technology User Profile survey results.

A MetaFacts Press Release (distributed via PRWeb)

MetaFacts, an established market research firm focusing on computer and telecommunication technology markets, announced today the selection of MarketSight® to provide data analysis technology that enables its clients to perform in-depth analysis and reporting based on the MetaFacts Technology User Profile (TUP) datasets.

“Today, we are further unlocking the power of TUP with an outstanding survey research tool. With MarketSight, our clients will now be able to dive deeply into the 30th year of survey results as readily as those of prior waves. Without needing extensive statistical expertise, they can safely focus on the key findings, and illustrate those findings through charts and PowerPoint reports. Ultimately, our clients will get even more value from the syndicated research we provide, to size and segment their own parts of the tech market, and to further help their stakeholders and decision makers with solid results.” said Dan Ness, Principal Analyst.

MarketSight’s analysis and reporting platform allows MetaFacts clients to take data and create crosstabs, run statistical tests, create interactive charts and export them to Excel and PowerPoint to illustrate significant findings within the data.

Michael DeNitto, CEO of MarketSight, said “MarketSight’s easy-to-use analysis and reporting platform helps MetaFacts’ clients take advantage of web technology to streamline the analysis process and use the platform for collaboration.” He added that “With our new Dashboard capability, MetaFacts clients can create Dashboards containing charts on key findings within the data, and interact with that data through the interactive chart capability. We are pleased to be working with MetaFacts and helping them provide greater value to clients.”

About MetaFacts
MetaFacts is a leading provider of information and telecommunication industry research results, helping technology marketers to find and measure their best and future customers. Its syndicated survey-based Technology User Profile (TUP) service uses solid methods to deliver quick, customized answers to support key decisions.

About MarketSight
Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, MarketSight LLC is a leading provider of web-based software to the Market Research industry, and is the developer of MarketSight®, an intuitive data analysis platform for creating crosstabs, running statistical tests, and creating interactive charts and dashboards. MarketSight supports all leading survey data formats, including SPSS, SAS, Triple-S and Excel, and provides industry-leading integration with PowerPoint and Excel. The MarketSight solution is 100% web-based, enabling access from anywhere using a web browser. MarketSight is easy to learn and use, requires minimal training and setup and automatically selects the right stats to run, so users do not need an extensive statistical background to use the product. Find out more at www.marketsight.com

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