Survey Data Analytics by MarketSight

MarketSight provides powerful Survey Data Analytics to help you uncover significant findings within your survey data and illustrate those findings through a wide range of charts that can be easily exported to your custom PowerPoint template..

We make survey data analytics easy, because our solution automatically selects the right stat tests for you and color codes statistically significant cells within your crosstabs, making it an ideal solution for users who do not have a heavy statistical background.

Simply upload any SPSS (.sav ), Excel, SAS, Triple-S or SurveyMonkey data file to MarketSight and you can start creating crosstabs and making charts right away. It only takes seconds to upload a typical file containing the survey results from hundreds or even thousands of respondents.

You will find that our survey data analytics solution is easier to learn and use than other software. Customers love our short training videos on virtually all areas. With MarketSight, you’ll save time analyzing your data, be able to quickly find significant results and easily generate charts to your custom PowerPoint template to tell the story behind the data and make recommendations to clients and colleagues.

Common Questions about Survey Data Analytics by MarketSight

How do I know which stat tests are used?
Our advanced survey data analytics selects the right stat tests for you, so you don’t need to be a stats expert. You can see which stat test was run, along with the p value, in a hover over while viewing your crosstab.

How do I identify the statistically significant results within my survey data?
MarketSight can show you what’s statistically relevant on your crosstab through color coding, which helps you immediately focus on the key findings within your data. Color coding is an option, which can be turned on or off depending on your preference.

Can I generate charts right from the crosstab?
Yes. Our flexible survey data analytics allow you to click on a chart icon displayed for each row and start creating a chart.

How are small sample sizes identified?
Users can have MarketSight highlight up to two levels of small cell counts, such as red for cell counts less than 20 and blue for cell counts less than 40. Optionally, survey size can appear at the bottom of your charts.

How do I get charts into PowerPoint?
Once you have finalized your charts, you can export all of them, or only selected charts, to PowerPoint. Rather than just sending an image, MarketSight survey data analytics sends the chart, as well as the data behind it, in native PowerPoint. You can even export charts to your own PowerPoint template, which reflects your corporate colors, logo and other format settings, saving you significant formatting time and helping you better brand your report.

Survey Data Analytics by MarketSight Highlights Statistical Significance

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Survey Data Analytics by MarketSight Generates Charts with Statistical Notation

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