Survey Analytics Pricing by MarketSight

Are you looking for less expensive pricing for survey analytics software? Take a look at MarketSight.

If your job involves survey analytics, join the thousands of other people just like you who have discovered that they don’t need to pay high survey analytics pricing to effectively analyze their survey data and present their results to colleagues and clients quickly and easily.

Thousands of researchers at market research firms and in corporate market research and marketing departments use MarketSight because it offers superior value, is easy to use, saves them significant analysis time and offers online collaboration, at survey analytics pricing that’s tough to beat.

Within minutes, import a dataset, create a crosstab, review statistical significance automatically determined by MarketSight, create stunning charts, and export those charts to your own custom PowerPoint templates – with little training, no expertise in statistics, and no software to install or maintain.

When you compare MarketSight’s solution to other well-known survey analytics software, you’ll be surprised at how easy MarketSight is to use, its powerful feature set, and our survey analytics pricing.

Find the features and survey analytics pricing that’s best for you – take a look at MarketSight.

Using MarketSight it is easy to share information with colleagues and clients around the globe.

Common Questions about Survey Analytics Pricing by MarketSight

What is MarketSight’s Survey Analytics Pricing?
MarketSight offers a Professional edition for $119 USD and an Enterprise edition for $149 USD. These are monthly subscriptions, per user. Support and updates included. The Enterprise edition offers additional time-saving features such as PowerPoint ChartSync and Interactive Charts and Dashboards, as well as branding/customization capabilities.

Can I obtain a license for my client?
Yes. If your client plans to generate crosstabs and analyze the data like you do, then a full license will be needed. MarketSight does have a reseller program that offers discounted pricing for these additional client licenses. Ask us about our reseller program. If your client will only review your work and collaborate with you, then they can get a free Key Findings license. They will still log in, but only have view-only capabilities.

How does MarketSight Survey Analytics Pricing compare with other vendors?
MarketSight offers tremendous value over other survey analytics software solutions. Besides greater flexibility, richer functionality, and its powerful collaboration capabilities, MarketSight will also save your organization thousands of dollars over others, including SPSS.

Survey Analytics Software Pricing by MarketSight offers tremendous value

Survey Analytics Pricing