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MarketSight’s Survey Analytics Software was designed for users with little statistics background, as well as for statistical pros who want to dig deep into settings. In minutes, you can import a dataset, generate a crosstab and focus on the statistically significant results within your survey data.

When evaluating the right survey analytics software for your organization, it’s important to select a package where setup is kept to a minimum and that does not require you to spend hours sitting in a training class or reading user manuals in order to learn how to use it. MarketSight’s survey analytics software is very easy to use and it offers a complete library of online videos to help guide you through every part of our solution.

The right survey analytics software should also make it easy to generate charts that will illustrate your findings. You may also want to export those charts to your final PowerPoint report, but don’t want to spend your time formatting the report. MarketSight’s survey analytics software offers a wide range of presentation-ready charts that can be easily exported to your custom PowerPoint template, with little or no formatting work required.

Further, MarketSight’s survey analytics software sends native PowerPoint charts, with the data behind it, just in case you want to tweak the data.

MarketSight makes analytics easy, because our survey analytics software will automatically select the right stat tests for you and color code all of the statistically significant cells within your crosstab.

With MarketSight, you’ll save time analyzing your data and preparing your final reports.

How does MarketSight allow me to spend more time on strategy & recommendations?
Our advanced survey analytics software lets you set preferences that are used every time you create a crosstab. This includes items like highlighting statistically significant cells, identifying cells with low cell counts, displaying the name of the stat test selected for you and the associated p-value and displaying the sample size, among many others factors. You can always change these for a specific crosstab whenever you need.

How do we get trained on MarketSight and how is it supported?
Start with an extensive library of short, five-minute training videos to help you learn about every aspect of the product, supported by our online help. We’re also happy to provide you with a product walkthrough and help you get that first project off the ground. Plus, MarketSight offers free web-based training webinars on a wide range of topics each month. MarketSight Customer Service is always ready to help you via live telephone support Monday-Friday between 8am and 8pm Eastern

We have a lot of tracking studies. Do I need to re-create all of my charts with each wave?
You’ll be happy to hear that MarketSight offers a feature called PowerPoint ChartSync that will update the charts and data in a previously created PowerPoint with just a click! This feature is exclusive to our Enterprise edition.

Survey Analytics Software by MarketSight Highlights Statistical Significance

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