Survey Data Analysis Software

MarketSight can be a vital time-saver as a survey data analysis software. Let your computer do the heavy lifting and find those critical insights and then share your results instantly online with your colleagues and clients. If you're interested in using a platform that let's you analyze and visualize data online, MarketSight is one of the most intuitive web-based tools available.

MarketSight accepts several leading data formats, such as SPSS, Dimensions, SAS, Triple-S, and Microsoft Excel. Simply upload your file and being using MarketSight's survey data analysis software. MarketSight also integrates with different survey platforms, including Qualtrics, Confirmit, Google Surveys, and CMIX. When using any of these survey collection tools, your data will automatically flow into MarketSight for seamless analysis.

Using MarketSight, you can work through these three stages for a successful research project:

  1. Analyze your data in crosstabs with automatic statistical testing
  2. Visualize your findings with compelling charts and dashboards
  3. Share your insights via Key Findings, a secure online portal


Save time and increase productivity with MarketSight's intuitive crosstab designer and built-in stat testing and automatic test selection. Create your own variables to further segment your data, or customize the types of statistical tests being run to fit your analytical needs. Significant results are highlighted in blue or red, and MarketSight tells you which test was applied.

survey data analysis software


Present your results in a compelling way. Create charts directly from a crosstab or our automatic chart builder. Customize variables and filters for a visual representation of your data. Create interactive and visually engaging dashboards that allow your research findings stand out. Drag and drop your visual elements onto placeholders if you're using a dashboard template, or directly onto a blank canvas.

survey data analysis software


Add your items to Key Findings, a secure, online sharing portal to provide instant access to your most crucial results. Explore live data from any internet device and control user permissions with ease. If you prefer, easily export to PowerPoint, Excel and PDF, or integrate content with web apps. A survey data analysis software with flexible export capabilities is extremely beneficial.

survey data analysis software