Visualizing survey results with dashboards

A critical phase of the research process is the presentation of results. This is often done by including tables and charts in reports and slide presentations. MarketSight is a very useful tool for generating those traditional deliverables for colleagues and clients.

However, often a more accessible and more engaging way to present research results is through the use of online dashboards. Done well, dashboards provide simple tools for viewers to immerse themselves in the research findings in a way that is visual and interactive but requires no special training. Try this sample interactive dashboard.


Just what is a dashboard?

A dashboard is a collection of different visual elements - usually charts - arranged on a single web page, providing a summary of the most important results or findings related to a particular subject.

Dashboards can be connected to live data that is automatically updated in real-time or based on a completed survey project or any other dataset.

Dashboards should be accessible on any internet-capable device anytime and anywhere, providing a significant advantage over traditional static reports.

Create dashboards and share with clients – in minutes!

The MarketSight solution is a natural extension of your analysis and reporting workflow, enabling you to create compelling interactive dashboards from existing charts and crosstabs in just minutes. These dashboards can be shared with other MarketSight users and non-users absolutely free, on your own web site or ours.

Users will always be connected to the live dashboard on the server, so as data is updated or if you make changes to the dashboard, everyone will see those changes automatically. Dashboards can even be exported to PowerPoint using your custom templates.