What is a Dashboard?

A dashboard is a collection of different visual elements that explain your data in an engaging way for your audience. MarketSight® Dashboards can be connected to live data and are automatically updated in real time.

Choose the most important metrics from your dataset and lay them out on a dashboard so all of your key findings are in one place. A final dashboard could include multiple pages, interactive controls, or filters that can be applied at the individual chart level or globally across the entire dashboard.

MarketSight’s interactive dashboards allow your clients to recognize key metrics and drive better business decisions in a compelling way. Enabling users to interact with the findings provides more flexibility for them to conduct their own analysis.

Easily tell the story

Dashboards can be designed one of three ways:

Freeform Design

Starting with a blank canvas, you can create a dashboard that includes crosstabs, charts, text, and images. MarketSight has a rich set of tools to position and manipulate each element of your dashboard.

Professionally Designed Templates

MarketSight has a library of professionally designed templates, available in different color schemes and pre-optimized for different layouts and screen sizes. They automatically size your charts and crosstabs to the size of the placeholder, eliminating the need for formatting and saving time that can be used for analysis.

Dashboard Design Studio

If you need additional resources, consult with our team of data and design experts in MarketSight’s Dashboard Design Studio. They will advise you on anything from content management and design strategy to hosting and maintenance of your dashboard. Leave the heavy lifting to us and receive a professional dashboard that’s client-ready and presentable.

Share and Present Results

A critical phase of the research process is the presentation of results. Get the message across more effectively by presenting data in a way that anyone can understand.

MarketSight makes it easy to quickly share data-driven dashboards with colleagues and clients, absolutely free. As your data is updated, users are connected to live dashboards that are accessible online or can even be exported to PowerPoint using your custom templates.

Share your dashboard in Key Findings, a free, secure portal within MarketSight. You can also email a link, send another MarketSight user a URL, or export your dashboard as an image or to individual PowerPoint slides.

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