SurveyMonkey® Analytics

Are you a SurveyMonkey®* user looking for more advanced analytics than you get with the SurveyMonkey® website? You may want to take a look at MarketSight. We’ve built a custom data reader exclusively for SurveyMonkey® datasets that enables all SurveyMonkey® users to analyze their datasets using all the powerful features of MarketSight that simply aren’t available with the SurveyMonkey® analytics tools.

MarketSight provides the capabilities to create rich crosstabs, detailed charts, and reports – and you can export your charts and crosstabs to PowerPoint and Excel on your own custom templates. MarketSight also offers completely automatic statistical significance testing – another feature just not available from SurveyMonkey®. MarketSight is also very competitively priced and offers what we think is the most compelling value proposition for marketers, analysts, and researchers who need more powerful analytics and reporting features when analyzing their SurveyMonkey® data.

*SurveyMonkey is a trademark of, LLC. MarketSight and its products and services are neither affiliated or associated with, nor endorsed, sponsored or otherwise authorized by, SurveyMonkey.