Tableau Alternative

MarketSight is a survey data analysis and visualization software alternative to Tableau, created specifically for market researchers and data analysts. With MarketSight quickly view, edit, analyze, chart, and share survey insights.



Made For Market Research Professionals

  • Automatic statistical significance testing
  • Intuitive display of the results of stat tests - in crosstabs and charts
  • Features to identify outliers and clean data
  • Point and click creation of new variables for recording and defining new marketsegments
  • The ability to append new waves of data from tracking studies
  • Accepts all the leading survey data formats, including SPSS, Dimensions, Triple-S, SAS, SurveyMonkey, and Excel




Easily Design and Present Custom Visualizations

  • Industry leading integration with PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF
  • Dashboards can be connected to live data
  • Interactive charts and graphs
  • Securely share data-driven dashboards with colleagues and clients, absolutely free
  • Accessible online or export to native PowerPoint slides using custom templates


No Advanced Statistics Degree Needed

  • Automatically selects and applies the correct statistical tests
  • Easier to interpret and present results
  • Online reporting platform built in


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