Upload SPSS, Excel, SAS, and Triple-S FIles

Upload your data to your secure MarketSight account. The system supports all the major survey data formats, including SPSS, SAS, Excel, and Triple-S files. Data can be loaded directly by individual users or automatically using the DataSync feature or MarketSight's APIs.

Analyze Google Surveys Data using our exclusive integration with the Google Surveys platform.

Once your data is uploaded, you can view response data, including any open-ended or unstructured text, make any edits necessary, and even combine responses to create entirely new variables right in MarketSight.

edit data directly in marketsight

Using the Data View feature, cleaning or editing data in MarketSight is a snap. Each response is in one row and each question or variable is in each column. Simply click on the cell containing the data point you wish to edit, and select the response from the drop-down or enter a new one.   

This is an excellent way to remove outliers from the dataset or normalize a set of responses for easier analysis.

This is a powerful, time-saving feature that can be turned on or off for certain users or groups, so you never have to worry about unauthorized changes to your data.

create new variables in marketsight

Using simple point-and click tools, it's easy to create new variables based on the original questions - or variables - in your uploaded dataset. For example, if you know each respondent's age and you'd like to create certain age groups: Under-18, 18-25, 25-35, etc. it's easy to do that in MarketSight by creating a Regrouping Variable. 

You can also combine several different variables in a Conditional Variable, using Boolean logic to combine age, zip code, gender, and income, for example, to create precise market segments for analysis and reporting.

MarketSight also enables you to create and save Filters and work with Multiple Response questions, where respondents "check all that apply".