Upload SPSS, Dimensions, Triple-S, SAS, and Excel files

Upload your data to your secure MarketSight® account. The system supports all the major survey data formats, including SPSS®, Dimensions, Triple-S®, SAS®, Excel®, and CSV files. Data can be loaded directly by individual users or automatically using either the DataSync feature or MarketSight's APIs.

Once your data is uploaded, you can view response data, including any open-ended or unstructured text, make any edits necessary, and even create entirely new variables right in MarketSight.

Connect to your survey platform

Let MarketSight's DataSync automatically refresh your data so you can spend more time interpreting your results.

Monitor the status of your live survey with MarketSight's DataSync feature. Connect your favorite survey platform with your MarketSight project and watch new data flow in with automatic updates.

DataSync provides a seamless integration with CMIX, Google Surveys, Qualtrics, and Confirmit survey platforms. Configure your DataSync connection to refresh live survey data daily, or up to multiple times per hour. DataSync can be adjusted to only append new data as it is available, or completely replace your full dataset.

MarketSight API

Bring the power of MarketSight into your technical work-flow. Develop your own data connections and workflows using MarketSight's suite of customizable APIs.

Leverage MarketSight's Single-Sign-On, Automatic Data Upload, and Remote Report APIs to help automate your data transfers and reporting.

Integrate MarketSight's crosstab engine with your custom developed applications, or on your website. Redraw crosstabs and charts in your coding environment.

Analyze Google Surveys Data using our exclusive integration with the Google Surveys platform.